Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Big Blue Marble
Terra Prime
Third Rock from the Sun
The Blue Planet
Mother Earth

All names for a planet that whirls
round and round around big Sol
Taking great care of us all

We need to treat you better
We need to tend you well
We need to take advantage
of all you have to tell

Monday, April 21, 2014

An Extra Day

It's not that I'm ungrateful
It's not that I don't care
It's not that I'm unhappy
It's not that I'm not aware

of all the possibilities
of all the responsibilities
of all the useful resources
of all the important choices

It's just that I'm not ready
It's just that I'm so drained
It's just that there's so much to do
It's just so much the same

I don't mean to make complaints
I don't mean to make excuses
I don't mean to sound unappreciative
I don't mean to sound that way

I just need an extra moment
I just need an extra day
I just need an extra minute
I just need an extra day

To fully regain my senses
To fully regain myself
To fully regain my center
To fully regain my mental health

I just need an extra moment
I just need an extra day
I just need an extra minute
I just need an extra day

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Taking a Moment

Taking a moment to breath it all in
Recharging batteries
Remembering friends

Taking a moment to slow it all down
Sleeping in late
Sitting around

Taking a moment to put it all together
Embracing myself
Enjoying the weather

Taking a moment
Just for me
Taking a moment
It's ecstasy

Friday, April 11, 2014

Finally Feeling

Fancy Free

Finally feeling fabulously


Finally feeling ferocity


Finally feeling fearlessly


Finally footloose
Finally Free
Finally flying
Finally Free

Finally feeling fortunately

Thursday, April 10, 2014


mindless moment
maddening minute

maybe my moodiness
means more
maybe my mellowness
means  more

maybe my madness
may make me

maybe, maybe, maybe

mellow, maddening,
mindless, me

moody, magical
magnificent me

maybe my morning
moment means more

maybe my mentality
may make me

maybe my madness
may make me

maybe, maybe, maybe

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bit By Bit

Day by day
bit by bit
Soon I'll have
my special moment.

Time alone
Time to sleep
Time for all
my promises to keep.

Time for me
Time for pleasure
Time for all I truly treasure.

Bit by bit
the hour creeps near
Soon enough
The time will be here.

Monday, April 7, 2014


There were no walks
no runs
no banners
no special days
no pink
no words
There was nothing in the
day for my mother
but whispers
and oh poor dear
and hope
just hope

The month
of March
makes us aware
hope is still in the air

The word
is everywhere

you strive for tomorrow

Today there's a voice
to declare
I am here
hair or no hair
I won't whisper in despair

Today you hold
your head up high
Stare the disease in the eye
Wear Pink with pride
and say
"I will survive"

Friday, April 4, 2014


Footloose and fancy free
Really need for it to be an
Innocent evening a
Delightful day
A chance for all to come out and play
Yes, it's time to enjoy it all

Friday we shall heed your call.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Letting it Out

No rhyme
no meter
no pattern
no verse
no words to say
the best
or worst
of all there is
in the
world today
my thoughts
just my take
on reality
just my little bit
of knowledge
taking a scroll
outside my head
letting it out
keep it in
is not an option
letting out out
ready for whatever
letting it out
for that is
where it

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not Ready

Not ready for this moment
Not ready for this day
Not ready to go out
and start the world today

Not ready for prime time
Not ready for the rest
Not ready to tell anyone
about my very best

Not ready for this week
Not ready for this day
Not ready for the evening
the morning, morning noon or night

Not ready
Not ready
Not ready
I say

Not ready
Not ready
Not ready
for today

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool 2014

There's no fool
quite like an old fool
but an April fool
is today
The tricks we play
throughout the day
can give way
to many a moment
of hilarity
and a few of disparity
but humor is
for all that ails you
an April fool
thus compels you
to do what you must do
Don't be cruel
just be a fool
April first
the best and worst
day that it can be