Monday, April 30, 2012


Forever and for always find a friend in me
For friendship is something we all need
To make it through each day.

Forever and for always I’ll be someone who cares
Someone who will try to understand
Your thoughts, your views and ambitions.

Forever and for always we’ll try to stand together.
Face all our problems like a fearless couple
Of triumphant soldiers.

Forever and for always it seems so long a time
But it truly isn't
Forever and for always is an eternity that’s lasts for just a minute.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I make a leap of faith today
that everything will be okay
that this is just not fly by night
that my journey will now take flight.

Slide down a rainbow

and wind up in the stars.
A roller coaster journey
that takes you quite far.

Step by step

I'm on my way
Beautiful dreamer
There's no better way

Look out world
I'm here to stay.
I make my leap of faith today.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can't Think

Today I come up with something brilliant
can't think
Today I write my very best
can't think
Today I take on new topics
can't think
Today I set the world on fire
can't think
Today I tell you all I desire
can't think
Today I let the story unfold
can't think
Today I do my very best
can't think
Today I will surpass the rest
can't think
Today the words will just spill forth
can't think
Today I will realize what it's all worth
can't think
Today my brain has decided to desert me
can't think
Today clever words do nothing but hurt me
can't think
Today I am beginning to doubt my ability
can't think
Today nothing really seems to work for me
can't think
Today the page stays completely empty
can't think
Today I will find some thoughts to borrow
can't think
Today, Today I will put off until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


April weather in California.
People at a light that takes too long.
Music created by Brian Eno.
The lyrics to a four year old's song.
How I feel when we're not together.
Life, love, reality
and Me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Run with Scissors

Behind the scenes
So much to do

Investing in you

A step along the path

Joyous feeling at last

Baby Steps
Taking Risks
Apparently pays off

Take a chance
Run with scissors
This feelings worth the cost

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

Give thanks to the ground below your feet
it helps to provide the food you eat
it keeps you safe
it keeps you warm
it holds the key to keep back the storm.

Give thanks to the invisible air you breathe
without it we would have to leave
it gives us a breeze
on sultry days
it keeps us cool so we can play

Give thanks to the fireball in the sky
too close and we would surely fry
to far and we would freeze it's true
just close enough to keep us blue

Give thanks to the salty wet sea
the rapidly flowing rivers
and cool mountain springs
water to drink that's crystal clear
keep it clean and we'll stay for years.

The Earth is our Mother
some chants proclaim
we have no other home
which we can name
Give thanks to the Earth for all her bounty.
Give thanks on her survival we all are counting.

Friday, April 20, 2012


It's complicated.

It's complicated.

It's complicated.

It's complicated.

It's complicated.

Why is it so complicated?

Me, You, Us, Love...
It shouldn't be so complicated.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here We Go Again

Timing is Everything
Here we go again.
First you say  you love me,
Now you just want to be friends.

Timing is Everything
You don't want to let me down
Analyzing everything
You're unsure of what you've found.

Timing is Everything
The ball's in your court.
You say you're dealing with emotions
That in a relationship you can't afford.

Timing is everything
You'd never intentionally hurt me.
Long lasting friendship
Seems to be our destiny.

Timing is Everything
The time's just not now.
No waiting or wondering
Just moving forward somehow.

Timing is Everything

Here we go again.
First you say  you love me,
Now you just want to be friends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comfort and Security

As I close my eyes
 I hear the song
Hope of Deliverance.
It surrounds me.

I see comfort
routinely patrolled
by security.

Security slips in
and around
Comfort's robust form
constantly entwining
with it's numerous spaces.

I feel safe.
I am safe.
No luxuries
but none are required.
I am comfortable in my bubble.
It is all I have desired.

I relax into the song.
Humming gently.
Darkness might surround me
but I have security.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocky Road

Taking stock of all we've been.
Letting go of what we've seen.
New avenues opened.
New paths discovered.
A brand new journey
Down a  rocky road.

Crossing over from friendship
to the land of lovers
Will we be strong enough
to hold on to each other?

Many signs
along the way
heed the warnings,
watch what they say.

Caution falling rocks
Slippery when wet
Dangerous Curves
Detour up ahead.

Make it through the obstacles
continue on the road
There's really just no telling
How far and where this will go.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Perhaps I want everything
I whispered to myself
It is not too late to
dive into your increasing depths.

Thoughts in limbo:
Love is all you have.
Budding life within the
stronghold of the sun.

Perhaps I want everything
I look into the mirror
and find two glass balls
staring back at me.

I am not I
I am my own way
of looking at things.
I am forgiveness
when I hate.
I am the uttering 
of joyous leaves.

The sunlight bent
as it crossed my path.
I remember yesterday.
My friends and I laughing.
They were still singing
when I left.

Perhaps I want everything
but love is all I have.
Love is all You have
and maybe that is 
after all.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Bad luck they say
falls on this day
A Friday and Thirteen together.

The superstitions of each on their own
are filled with great displeasure.

Freya must have wept
as they changed her day
from sex, fertility and marriage.

Her poor putty tat
was an evil undoing
A witch was born
from Christianity's brewing.

Pagan Goddess of Evil
was how they recast her
So the day Friday could now be
the day of disaster.

Twas on a Friday
an apple was Bitten
Kicking us out of the Garden of Eden.

Twas on a Friday
a great flood began
and covered all the land.

Twas on a Friday
tongues were tied and
Solomon's temple was toppled.

Twas on a Friday is what they say.
But none of us were there that day.

Thirteen has it's own mixed bag
of fortunes good and bad.
China and Egypt welcome it's pluck
It's just the rest of us who don't recognize it's luck.

Thirteen lunar cycles
could that be the source of discontent?
Matriarchal spirituality that is what you represent.
Then the perfect Twelve moved into your domain.
Your reputation as evil is all that now remains.

A day of dastardly deeds
A day of misfortune and greed
Too many people in the room
A lesson you must heed.

Forget just once and short change royalty
A life long lesson is gleaned.
A baker's dozen is thirteen
to keep you alive and working for the king.

Could it have been that uninvited God
Crazy Loki left out from dinner.
Crashed the party anyway
and no one left a winner.

The Viking's might have had it right
and definitely no one is tougher
Another dinner with 13 guests
Just happens to be the Last Supper.

Bad luck they say

falls on this day
A Friday and Thirteen together.

Believe it or not
it's up to you
I leave it to your pleasure.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Restless Night

Woke up with a headache
How is it that I slept?
Dehydrated possibly
for in my dreams I might have wept.

Woke up with red eyes
it doesn't mean I cried.
Exhausted from a night of sleep
what are the secrets that I keep?

Woke up way before the alarm
Can't do that every time.
Wish I had some magic charm
to keep my thoughts in line.

Insomnia or deep sleep
what are the secrets that I keep
Woke up with a headache
How could I possibly sleep?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Want & Need to Believe

I want to believe that all things are possible
I need to believe that all things are possible
I will believe that all things are possible

I want to believe that all avenues are open
I need to believe that all avenues are open
I will believe that all avenues are open

I want to believe that all dreams come true
I need to believe that all dreams come true
I will believe that all dreams come true

I want to believe;
I need to believe, 
I will believe,
Which is why I keep hopin'

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forever Searching

Forever searching
For answers
For meaning
For truth.

Forever searching
For connection
For fulfillment
For youth.

Am I on the right path?
Which road do I take?
Am I getting any closer?
Do I still have to wait?

Forever searching
For what you want
For what you need
For proof.

Forever searching
For answers
For meaning
For truth.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Want vs Need

Is it what I want
Is it what I need

How do I tell the difference?
Can you help me please?

Just because it feels good,
Doesn't make it right.

What doesn't work this evening
Might do so another night.

Is it what I want
Is it what I need

Make decisions based on heart
Not merely personal greed

You might not get what you want
But usually you get what you need.

How do I tell the difference?
Can you help me please?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Nothing Today

I've got nothing
Nothing to say
Nothing to speak of
Nothing today.

I've got nothing
No words of wisdom
No quacking wise
No observations and then some
No lessons in disguise

I've got nothing
Nothing to say
Nothing to speak of
Nothing today.

I've got nothing
No anger
No desire
No passion
No fire

I've got nothing

Nothing to say
Nothing to speak of
Nothing today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Focus on a spot
then try to touch your toes.
Return to center then,

become a happy baby
or perhaps a downward dog.
Keep your balance no matter what.

Regain Tranquility
Release Anxiety
Forget Hostility.
Find your Flexibility.

Return to center then
Relax and remember 
Center yourself
Let all stress deploy
Give Thanks

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clandestine Moments

Clandestine event
Although it's not heaven sent
Sweet is it's intent.

We'll never tell of
Secret associations
needed to survive

Live in the moment
Think of nothing else but now
It's all we're allowed.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I go to close the open door
he pulls me back to the floor
we snuggle close and he wants more
I kiss him and once again
return for the open door

"Leave it" he says
in his seductive way
I laugh and smile
in my special way

Mockingly I ask him,
"Are you going to protect me
when thieves come in
 late at night?"

I return to the floor
no longer thinking of the door
'Always' he said
Who could ask for more

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool

One day of silliness

every year
to fill your spirits
with good cheer

A fool is wise
Just in disguise
Using laughter to portray
the everyday
in such a way

As to make comical
small tragedies
and palatable atrocities

So hopefully
the world can see
what is really meant to be

One day of silliness
every year
to fill your spirits
with good cheer

An April Fool
will make you half-blind
with thoughts
that rule
the corners of your mind

Lasts but a day
this foolish way
of laughter, jokes and tricks

One day impractical
One day of pranks
Designated day of laughter
We should all give thanks