Monday, December 31, 2012

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne or
Old Long Since
Days Gone By
It's never made sense
The Poem or song
means New Year's Eve
Time to remember
Time to reflect
Traditions of the
 last night of the year
Auld Lang Syne
the time is here.

Dionysus God of Wine
Spirit of fertility
Symbol of rebirth
Lovely Pagan ritual
celebrated all over Earth.

Janus God of Time
transitions and beginnings
Allows you to look forward
Allows you to look back
Time to make new plans
Time to start anew.
The last day of the year.
A better year is up to you.

Resolutions and goals
our prosperity unfolds.
Can't wait to discover
what the new year will hold.

Friday, December 28, 2012


Quicksilver days
blend into night
wondering if it all
will turn out right

Constant crazy
Where's my moment of lazy?

Quicksilver nights
turn into tomorrow
Is there any
time I can borrow?

Constant crazy
where's my moment of lazy

Night and Day
Day and Night
Promises are such
it's hard to deliver
all of it

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Next

Now we think of tomorrow
as the new year approaches.
Now we think of tomorrow
and the promises it broaches.

How do we make next year better
for ourselves and for others?

How do we hold fast to dreams
and build dreams for another?

How do  we patiently wait
for prosperity to unfold?
How do we fulfill our
resolutions and goals?

What tomorrow brings
has yet to be told
Can't wait to see
what the new year unfolds.

Boxing Day (December 2011)

No it's not a prize fight match
There is no ref no belt no cash
There's Good King Wenceslas
and the feast of Stephen.
It's a holiday for those in service
A holiday that's well deserved
A chance for those who have a lot
To share with others what they've got.
A holiday for those in need
A holiday that's filled with glee
A holiday with a funny name
for boxing is just a silly game
But it's a holiday all the same.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

a day
Meant to be
not just for tangible gifts
but for spiritual benefits
Beauty of mind
body and soul
Generosity of spirit
Open heart
these are the gifts of which
we all should impart

Friends, Food, feelings
all greatly embraced
 Wealth of well being
which should always take place
Smiles upon each and every face
these are the gift we cannot replace

Peace love and happiness
laughter and loveliness
all of this
sealed with a kiss
a wish for a
Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Happy wide bright eyes
Full of wonder and surprise

Eagerly awaiting the opening
of packages in every size
Scraps of colored paper
Decorate the floor

Giggles of excitement
A sound we all adore

A gathering of friends
Both old and new
Laughing and joking

reliving the past
creating new memories
which we'll cherish 
which will last

Stimulating conversation
unintentional revelations
Laughter and love
Huge warm hugs

Kisses, sighs
Late night goodbyes
Who could ask for more

Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice

Shortest day
Longest night
Autumn is over
Winter's arrived
Mayan Calendar ended today
doesn't spell doom
but the start of a new way

The sun stands still
to begin the journey
All the while the world is turning
Rebirth is the cultural belief
not a time of pain and grief

Shortest day
Longest night
Autumn is over
Winter's arrived

and Fun
Wishing the best
to everyone

Bundle up
Hug and Huddle
don't forget a kiss or cuddle

Shortest day
Longest night
Autumn is over
Winter's arrived

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Generous Gifts

I thought your gift giving was through
I distinctly remember telling you
Feathered friends would not do

I did not know that up your sleeve
You continued to deceive.

Day six I soon awake

to find my place in a terrible state
Six geese a laying here and there
Eggs and feathers everywhere

Day Seven arrived to me at dawn
A group of several swimming swans
Now 13 fowls I find have I
Such a terrible sight to spy

I figured if I closed the door
This wouldn't happen anymore
To give me gifts that I abhor
I'm not the one that you adore.

It's happened time and time again
Eight maids a milking as many cows,
There's the Nine ladies dancing now.
And if you were wondering where's the men
Lords a Leaping I've got ten.

And as if that wasn't bad enough
you continued to give me stuff
Eleven pipers piping up a storm
And Twelve drummers drumming is not the norm

In short my true love gave to me:
Twelve Drummers drumming which was just quite mean.
Eleven Pipers piping that was not a dream.
Ten Lords a leaping who liked to eat,
Nine Prima donnas on their feet,
Eight Maids a milking up at dawn,
A group of several swimming swans,
Six geese a laying here and there,
The quite unexpected Five Gold Rings,
Four Calling birds which left me without words,
Birds again with Three French hens,
Two Turtle Doves instead of gloves,
And the gift of which I had never heard
A partridge in a pear tree, ever so absurd.

These last 12 days have been quite crazed
In several certainly, sarcastic ways
Good luck to you
For I am warning you
I will have to give gifts 
As generously as you do

Rings of Gold

On the fifth day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Five Gold Rings
Four calling birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtledoves
and a Partridge in a Pear tree.

I never expected
Five Gold Rings
I never expected anything
The fine feathered menagerie
Made me believe you didn't care for me
Now I realize your creativity
An elaborate distraction's what this had to be

The silliness of feathered gifts
The plan to get me nice and miffed
All that you did
And now it's done
This game my love has been quite fun
As for other gifts
I don't need one
You've done more than enough and then some

Four Feathered Days

On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
A partridge in a pear tree.

A bird is grand
but I don't understand
this partridge in a tree.

On the second day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Two turtle Doves and
A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Stop sending me gifts
from the skies above.
Try to remember dear
You're my true love
And just say NO to Two Turtle Doves!

On the third day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Three French hens, Two Turtle Doves
And a Partridge in a pear tree.

Birds again?
What is with men;
The same gifts over and over again.

On the fourth day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
Four Calling birds, Three French Hens
Two Turtledoves and a
Partridge in a Pear Tree.

I forgave you once
I forgave you twice
It was my mistake to
forgive you thrice

No more BIRDS
That's it I quit
Tomorrow dear
please Get with it!!!!

Christmas Peace

Why is it that it takes a holiday
For people to come close together?
And why is it that there’s no other way
For us to show love for one another?

We should let the whole world know
That we all are one with each other;
And no matter what the world does now
We should change.

The world it should live in sweet harmony
And we should all give of ourselves;
And peace on earth, good will towards men
Should rule from this lifetime till the end.

Well we should let the Christmas Peace
Ring through the world each and every day
So we can all know we’re not alone. 
And if we let the Christmas peace
Ring through the world each and everyday
Then we could all feel that we’re at home. 

And the world could be a better place
For the entire human race
If the Christmas Peace could just live on.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Collage (December 2011)

There's Silver Bells and Christmas trees
We deck the halls and Santa sees.
Rudolph's nose will light the way
to a manger but not  an inn.

There's Jingle Bells and dashing sleighs
A shining star to light the way
for three wandering kings.

Lords and maids and five gold rings;
Snowmen and a holy night
All these lines from songs we sing
Make our spirits feel quite right.

Your days may be sunny and bright
and in some cases they may even be white.
It's the best time of the year
So have a Holly, Jolly Christmas
And a delicious cup of cheer!

Cookies, Candies, Kitchens too II

I need a Snickerdoodle intervention
Or maybe I should stay out of the kitchen
Eggs, Cinnamon and Butter
It couldn't hurt to have another.

To smell of peanut butter is a holiday tradition
Unwrapping kisses & melting chocolate my mouth itchin'
With anticipation for something creamy, chocolaty and sweet
Peanut Blossoms and Buckeyes are they ready to eat?

Luscious lemon joins the list
of sweets all made for Christmas bliss
All from scratch, it's quite delish'
I hope my waistline it will  miss.

Christmas cookies and candies
Holiday life is quite dandy
Although my scale might not agree
My taste buds are extremely happy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Christmas Poem ( December 2011)

I've never dreamed of a White Christmas.
I'm not fond of a Winter Wonderland.
If all my Christmases were white,
Both my troubles and myself would be out of sight.

I'd rather have ham than turkey.
Roasted chestnuts are not my cup of tea.
As for Jack Frost, he'd better not be nipping at me.

Christmas cards I love to write.
Stars will shine so very bright.
May your days be Merry and Bright
The thought fills me with delight.

Yuletide Carols are cool
And tiny tots on vacation from school
Listening late at night for sleigh bells
Hearing  all the old family tales.

Santa bringing goodies for
US good boys and girls
Friendship and happiness
felt across the world.

Say it once and then again
Many times and many ways
Merry Christmas is a time of Love
We should all praise.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Unbelievable Acts

Words fail in a moment like this
Our thoughts and prayers 
Do not even begin to do enough
My heart is broken into a thousand pieces
For this world has become an absolute mess.

These senseless massacres are becoming far too frequent.
Please help spread the word that something has to be done 
Is our freedom really protected by ownership of a gun?

Unbelievable acts of senseless violence
due to a lack of respect for human life.
My heart is broken into a thousand pieces
For this world has become an absolute mess.

These senseless massacres are becoming far too frequent.
Please help spread the word that something has to be done 
Is our freedom really protected by ownership of a gun?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Not Feeling the Fun

The tree is up
the lights are lit
carols are being sung

Cookies are baked
and candies have been made
the stockings all are hung

Packages are wrapped
and cards are written
to each and everyone

So why is it that
this holiday
I'm not feeling the fun?

It's not just me
I've asked around
and have heard from
one and all

It's Chirstmas time
and even still
I don't feel like
decking the hall

Tis the season
It's a good enough reason
but it's not
quite played it's part

Hope the Grinches
magical powers
can open up our hearts

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve, Twelve, Twelve

Twelve hours of the day.
Twelve months in which to play.
Twelve hours of the night.
Twelve apostles yes, that's right.

Twelve signs in the zodiac.
Twelve days of Christmas too.
Twelve Prophets imagine that.
Twelve Tribes of Israel it's true.

Twelve Gods on Mount Olympus
Who were once in charge of us.
Twelve brings harmony to Yin and Yang,
To our lives can it do the same?

Twelve represents wealth and prosperity.
Twelve symbolizes love and charity.
Twelve offers Completeness and Fulfillment
Twelve apparently is quite significant.

We welcome you today
Hopefully in your ways
we can all delve.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Falling Behind Again

Falling behind again.
Missing moments with friends.
Never enough hours in the day.
How does it always end up this way?

Working hard to catch up.
Not sure if I ever will.
Falling behind again.
Why won't time stand still?

Never enough hours in the day.
Hard to combine work and play.
Falling behind again.
When will this madness end?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Trying something new.

Hope it turns out well.

Trying something different.

Hope to keep it going.

Trying time and time again.

Hope to try some more.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Promises of Tomorrow

Promises of tomorrow
help get me through today.
a vast expanse of knowledge
soon will be underway.

Activities abound
Holidays surround
Friendships revisited
Emotions overwhelm

Promises of tomorrow
help get me through today.
Working my fingers to the bone
It's the American way.

Emotions overwhelm
Activities abound
Friendships revisited
Holidays surround

Promises of tomorrow
help get me through today.
Creativity in many forms
gives me much to say.

Friendships revisited
Emotions overwhelm
Holidays surround
Activities abound

Promises of tomorrow
help get me through today.
Promises of tomorrow
help get me through today.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Breathe and Laugh

Returning to class has
opened up creativity once more.

The collage allowed my mind
an avenue in which to explore.

Possibilities for tomorrow
I hadn't known before.

Inner peace cries out
to be attained.

Requiring me to try
to empty my brain.

Continue forward
on this path.

And along the journey
remember to breathe and laugh.