Monday, July 14, 2014


Eliza Dolittle wants a room
far away from the cold night air
With just one enormous chair.

My request is not so easy
As multiple rooms
are surely needed
to accommodate all my needs

I need room to breathe
I need room to grow
I need room to create 
my artistic vision.

I need room to dance.
I need room to sing.
I need room to remind myself
of better ways.

I need room to be me.
I need room to be free.
I need room for basic

I need room to trust
in where I belong
I need room to know
I will always be strong.

Though I need many rooms at my address
I do believe Eliza say's it best

Eliza Dolittle sings a song
About a room for which
I too long.

A room somewhere to call my own
A room in my own enormous home
A room with a cozy comfortable chair

That lets me know
that I'm somewhere
Safe enough
to call my own

My Space
My place
My room
My home